Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 Things to Watch in Spring Training

All of the articles and blog posts I have seen covering this subject so far seem to cover the same stuff: Will Tim Lincecum bounce back, how will Pablo's weight affect him, and can Hunter Pence Hit like he did in 2011?  Now these are definite things to watch out for, especially considering how important these players are to the team's success, but there are definitely some other important things to watch this Spring that are being slightly overlooked:

  1. Brandon Belt- Belt could take a huge step forward this spring if he can add power and cut down strikeouts.  Brian Sabean said that he feels Belt could be a Gold Glove winner at first base, and that his power will come this season.  It'll be interesting to watch these things during spring
  2. Chris Heston- Heston put up incredible numbers at Double-A in 2012, leading the league in ERA.  With this being his first time in Spring Training, it will be his first opportunity to show how much of his minor league success will translate into success against tougher competition.  
  3. Heath Hembree- With Hembree coming back from a disappointing 2012 season, this could be his chance to show what he can do.  He battled injuries last season, so this could be a great opportunity to show that he is healthy and ready to contribute on a championship team.  
  4. Barry Zito- Barry Zito has successfully become a hero in the eyes of many Giants fans.  He had many memorable outings last season, and without him, there is a pretty good chance that we wouldn't have won the World Series, or even gotten there.  Spring Training will be his opportunity to show that he can do that again.  
  5. Brett Bochy- Although his chances of getting on the Giants out of spring training are low, this spring will be his chance to show what he's got.  With him being at least at Triple-A next season, his performance this Spring will be crucial, because he will want to be sure to make a lasting impression.