Tuesday, January 29, 2013

3 reasons that the Giants could be better in 2013

With pitchers and catchers reporting in just two weeks, the Giants are likely done with most of their big offseason moves, meaning that they will pretty much have the same roster as last season.  Although it looks like the Giants haven't improved, there are three major factors that will drastically improve the team next season.

1. Brandon Crawford- There is a good chance that Crawford will never really be an above average hitter, but you can at least expect to see steady improvement.  I would expect to see a slight rise in both doubles and homeruns, as well as better walk rate.  After the Allstar break, Brandon went on to hit .260 with 3 hr in 181 at bats.  Although these are not stellar numbers, when you consider he does have stellar defense, and is only expected to be and 8 spot hitter, he will be much more productive than last year, and should be a great option at short stop

2. Brandon Belt- After being a very highly thought of prospect, Brandon fell off slightly in his first season, and followed that with a much improved sophomore season.  The extra experience, plus the regularity of being the everyday first baseman should be able to bump his numbers some more.  After the Allstar break, he hit .293 with a very good .362 OBP, sadly with only 3 homeruns.  I would expect a very large power increase, as well as a much more consistent approach that will enable him to be a very solid middle of the lineup guy next season.  Couple that with his great defense, and you have a very productive MLB starter.

3. Tim Lincecum- Tim Lincecum should be dramatically improved over last season.  He has been working very hard to put on a little weight, and increase arm strength.  I would anticipate him adding some speed on his fastball and improving his mechanics all around, which he was likely not able to do in the middle of a season.

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