Saturday, December 1, 2012

Angel Pagan and the outfield situation

According to MLBtraderumors, the Phillies seem to be pushing hard for Pagan, while the Giants seem to be short on average annual value.  Pagan will likely go to the team that wants him the most and that seems to be the Phillies at this point.  I wouldn't be shocked to hear Pagan sign somewhere at the winter meetings next week.

If the Giants don't succeed in signing Pagan, I would say the most realistic options on the free agent market are Shane Victorino, Ichiro Suzuki, and Nick swisher.  Nick Swisher and Shane Victorino seem to have plenty of possible suitors so they may be a little more difficult.   Ichiro's agent said today that they are open to talking to other clubs now and that the talks with the Yankees have stalled.


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  2. What are your thoughts on Gary Brown? do you think the Giants are that committed to Brown that they will stick with Blanco over Ichiro or Victorino, who most likely will demand multiple year deals? Or is Brown simply a fringe prospect after his down year in Richmond? I know the Eastern League is a pitcher's league, but it was disappointing considering he was a consensus Top-25 prospect according to a lot of experts

    1. I was very disappointed with Brown at the beginning of the season, but he definitely progressed. He ended up hitting .304, and .355 in the months of June and July. He also looked really good in the AFL hitting .313 in 64 at bats.

      I really wouldn't want to see the Giants sign anyone to more than a two year deal. I do like Ichiro and Victorino, but like you said, lots of people will be offering them multi-year contracts. I think the Giants might be able to pull in Ichiro on a two year deal, but even then I still think I may want to stick with Blanco.

      And, above everything else Gary Brown could be an elite centerfielder in the major leagues right now, so no matter what he is doing with his bat or on the basepaths, he will still be contributing at the major league level.