Thursday, December 13, 2012

Torres is back!

First things first, I apologize that I have not posted in the last few days, I have been really busy with college finals.  That should all be over next week though, and I will be back to posting as much as possible.
Now for the news

The Giants have brought Andres Torres back for 2013 on a 1 year 2 million dollar deal, pending a physical.  I personally love this signing as Torres brings a switch hitting compliment to Gregor Blanco, as well as a competitor for the full time left field spot.  He is also very comfortable with many of the main players in the club house.  Beyond that, he is a great late inning defensive replacement, a great speed option off of the bench, a good pinch hit option, and is a very good versatile outfielder.

Andres Torres was huge for the Giants in 2010, providing both speed and power while also playing a great centerfield.  He was also a great, energetic club presence, and knows what it's like to contribute to a winning team.  Now it would be ridiculous to expect that kind of production in 2013, but that's also not what he's being paid for anyway.

This is also a great signing for Torres.  He was clearly comfortable playing with the Giants, and it might be good for him to get back with his old team.

Overall, it is just a great fit for both parties and I can't wait to see him back in a giants uniform in 2012.

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