Sunday, December 9, 2012

Giants top 25 prospects list

I make my list like most people, a combination of how likely the prospect is to become an MLB regular, Potential, and how close they are to contributing.  Here's the list:

  1. Kyle Crick RHP
  2. Chris Stratton RHP
  3. Gary Brown RHP
  4. Clayton blackburn RHP
  5. Joe Panik SS
  6. Heath Hembree RHP
  7. Martin Agosta RHP
  8. Francisco Peguero OF
  9. Roger Kieschnick OF
  10. Andrew Susac C
  11. Chris Heston RHP
  12. Mike Kickham LHP
  13. Brett Bochy RHP
  14. Conor Gillaspie 3B
  15. Adam Duvall 3B
  16. Ehrie Adrianza SS
  17. Mac Williamson OF
  18. Gustavo Cabrera OF
  19. Edwin Escobar LHP
  20. Angel Villalona 1B
  21. Ricky Oropesa 1B
  22. Shawn Payne OF
  23. Shiloh McCall OF
  24. Josh Osich LHP
  25. Nataniel Javier 3B
You could pretty easily argue a different order.  I am not a huge fan of older prospects like Chris Dominguez, so I didnt even rank him in here, whereas some people might include him in their top ten.  With his arm I'd like to see the Giants convert him to pitching if he doesn't put it together soon   I'm also not a huge fan of top prospects list.  Personally I don't like comparing things like a AAA starter and a Low-A outfielder.  I like looking at prospects by position, which is why I make the Positional Depth Analysis posts.  Feel free to make comments and suggestions.

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