Friday, December 14, 2012

Offseason discussion: R.A. Dickey

One of the biggest questions of the offseason is what is going to happen with RA Dickey.  Dickey is one of the weirdest trade options in the past few seasons.  He is a 38 year old knuckle baller with incredible control, a great innings eater, and above all won the Cy Young award.  There are a lot of questions surrounding his ability to compete in the coming years given his style and age.   Everyone has been talking about what they think Dickey is worth, but when you really think about it, does it matter what people think he's worth?

Let's be honest, the Mets are not exactly in a rush to trade Dickey.  He is the pure definition of an ace, and Mets fans love to go out and watch him.  Trading Dickey would be a huge sign to New York fans that the Mets don't expect to compete in the next year.  That being said, I thought it was a great job by the Mets to lock up David Wright, giving their fans hope that they will compete soon.  So if the Mets are going to get rid of a player that fans are so excited about, they had better get something equally exciting.

The absolute best course of action for the Mets would be to trade Dickey and get two or three serious pitching prospects to go along with Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler.   People may not feel that Dickey is worth that, but if the Mets can't get at least that, there's no reason to trade him.

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