Friday, December 14, 2012

International signing idea: Aledmys Diaz has defected

The Giants are known for being active with their international scouting and signings.  When you aren't getting top ten draft picks, this is a wonderful way to keep a farm system stocked with talent.  With that being said, Aledmys Diaz, a 22 year old shortstop from Cuba just defected and became a free agent, I would love to see this guy signed by the Giants.

I haven't been able to see many detailed scouting reports on him, but from what I've heard, he has average speed, or even above average speed, and will be able to hit for both average and power.  He is also said to have a good arm.  I haven't heard much about his defense, but with good speed and a good arm I imagine he can't be too bad but you never know   He will be doing showcases in Mexico soon and has interested many clubs.  The ability to hit for both power and average and play a good shortstop is very rare, and the Giants should jump on this guy.

Under the new collective bargaining agreement, defectors over 23 with less than 3 years of professional play aren't subject to international signing restrictions, so clubs will probably wait until his birthday in January to go after him.  

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